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Do I need a personal umbrella policy?

Odds are, your auto and home insurance policies might not be enough to cover a catastrophic loss. Without adequate protection, all of your personal assets, even your future income, could be put at risk.

That’s where a personal umbrella policy comes in hand. A personal umbrella provides added protection that goes above and beyond your primary policy limits.

Coverage includes liability protection for bodily injury, personal injury, or property damage. It can also provide protection for claims that might not be covered by your home, auto, or watercraft policies; protection for a loss anywhere in the world; and coverage for defense costs and attorney’s fees.

Still asking yourself if you really need an umbrella policy? Instead, ask yourself if you can afford to pay a large liability verdict from your personal savings. Consider the following real life examples:

  • While playing with BB guns, a boy was shot by another boy at a friend’s home.
    Plaintiff Verdict, Compensatory Award: $500,000
  • A 12-year old boy suffered lacerations to his lower legs and thigh when he walked by a neighbor’s house and was bitten by her two dogs.
    Plaintiff Verdict, Compensatory Award: $500,000
  • A driver was rear-ended by an uninsured motorist, which forced the driver’s car into another vehicle and caused injured to the occupant of the front vehicle.
    Out-of-court Settlement: $1,250,000
  • A teenage driver hit a parked truck, causing his passengers to suffer serious head injuries.
    Out-of-court Settlement: $1,875,000
  • A man improperly installed a pool diving board at his former home that later resulted in a serious injury to the home’s new owner.
    Out-of-court Settlement: $2,500,000

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